• Wow! Thanks to all the staff at Anderson Vet Clinic. I feel like you all truly love what you do! My kitty, Lola and I always have such a pleasant experience when we come in. I would not leave Lola in anyone else’s hands but yours!

    - Maya Smith / Los Angeles, CA
  • I have benefited tremendously from the care my pet received from Dr. Anderson. I cannot thank him and his team enough for the treatment we received when my puppy suddenly became ill.

    - John Doe / San Diego, CA
  • Fabio wasn’t eating the food I was giving him. Thanks to Dr. Anderson, he evaluated Fabio and his current diet to make some recommendations. You clearly are an expert in your field...thanks so much!

    - Tara Brown / Kansas City, MO
  • Naddy Cato is a wonderful person and excellent breeder! My beloved Jack has the best demeanor and personality--ever!!!❤️❤️

    - Margaret R.
  • Last year my husband and I retired and felt we finally had the time to get a dog. We knew what we wanted and after contacting several breeders, we luckily connected with Beaver Creek Goldens and Naddy Cato. What a wonderful experience! After talking on the phone and getting a chance to meet Naddy and her beautiful dogs we were sold! Waiting for the litter to be born and ready to go home we arrived and Dillon selected us! He crawled into my lap and that was it. Aside from being a beautiful boy and of course, the smartest puppy in the world, his early handling by Naddy made him a joy to be around. She introduced him to noises, interactive play and a tolerance to having his paws and teeth looked at without pulling back. My vet says he wishes every dog had Dillon’s early exposure to these activities. He’s now 18 months and needless to say, we feel fortunate to have found Beaver Creek Goldens and Naddy and that Dillon picked us!

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  • I can’t say enough about Naddy Cato and Beaver Creek Goldens. Most importantly, or dog is everything she promised and more. Perfect health, perfect temperament, perfectly gorgeous! The bonus we didn’t expect was Naddy herself. She has been a resource for all our questions about food, training,  and our pup’s health. Naddy and her wonderful Goldens will surround your pup with love and training before they even come home. I can’t imagine a better environment for puppies to start in than Naddy’s place. We love our sweet Golden. We can’t go anywhere with him without getting compliments on his disposition and his good looks. We recommend Beaver Creek Goldens above all others.

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  • The Wigton Family, including our Goldens Rylee and Remi, have had such a great experience working with Naddy and Beaver Creek Golden’s. From the minute we met Naddy and saw how much she loved and cared for her Goldens, we knew we were getting our new family member from the right breeder. And most importantly we love our beautiful pups. We got Rylee seven years ago and she has been the most wonderful, sweet, loving addition to our family. So much so we decided to get another one! Four years ago we brought Remi home. And boy does this one have personality. She is the most happy go lucky dog ever. She loves people and all animals! But the best has been that Rylee and Remi have each other to love on!

    We are so thankful for Naddy and Beaver Creek Goldens. Love, The Wigton’s

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  • We got our dog from Naddy in October of 2018 from the Megan/Colin litter. What a FANTASTIC experience. Naddy was easy to communicate with, highly knowledgeable, very organized and wonderful throughout the entire process. The dogs she breeds are nothing short of amazing. Our dog Wally is such a wonderful dog and truly a member of the family. His temperament is calm, friendly, sweet and pleasing. He’s great with kids, great on a leash, loves to explore, but most of all loves to be with his family and especially our two children. Beaver Creek Goldens is a wonderful kennel and I highly recommend Naddy Cato and her fantastic dogs.

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  • We have had an incredible time working with Naddy at Beaver Creek Goldens in finding the newest member of our family. Birdie is smart, loving, healthy and full of life and we couldn't imagine life without her! Can't praise the experience of Beaver Creek Goldens enough. When Birdie needs a little brother or sister, we know where we're going back to.

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  • We got our Murphy from Naddy a little over a year ago, and we can’t imagine life without him! He is the Best boy. We get so many compliments on how great his temperament is and how handsome he is all the time. He is GREAT with kids already and just passed his Canine Good Citizen, so he is on his way

     to be a Therapy Dog and volunteer with me. He has the perfect mix of energy and relaxation. He has truly made our family better. Naddy breeds the most amazing pups and we are so grateful for that!

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  • To All Lovers of Golden Retrievers: My wife Barbara and I have become dependent on Golden Retrievers in our lives - bringing joy, comfort and companionship. We love our 6 children (all grown) but we also love our Golden as our 7th child. We had our first Golden named Molly (half American and half English Cream) back in 2007. It was also our first dog and we were in our early 50s. We could not believe the joy it brought in our lives for almost 12 years. When she died in 2018, we were devastated, thinking we could never replace her. But when COVID hit in March, Barb and I started walking every evening. During that time, Barb would see Golden Retrievers (generally English Cream) everywhere - and she would come home in tears - asking me if we should look for a breeder to adopt a puppy. After two weeks of asking the same question, I could only say "yes". That took us on a trip that would change our lives. We started looking and investigating various breeders and there are quite a number of them in Colorado. We asked people who had adopted Goldens for recommendations. The consensus from a majority of people we knew - go to Beaver Creek Goldens and Naddy Cato - she's the best. What first impressed us with Beaver Creek Goldens was Naddy Cato's website. Not only were her Goldens beautiful, but you could see the love she had for each dog. She did not run a puppy mill and we were drawn to her strong comments about faith in God. She invited us to visit and we gladly accepted that invitation. I should add that we visited three other breeders. While each was certainly different, there was none that matched Beaver Creek Goldens. We fell in love with Naddy's operation, her Goldens and with Naddy herself. It was the best day we spent evaluating breeders. This was truly Naddy's life - devoted to raising such beautiful animals. Her love of them was infectious as you saw them interact with her. She knew each of her dogs by name and they knew her on command. They were immaculately clean; healthy, and so loving when you met them. We could tell this was no puppy mill. She had a contract that outlined things she wanted each new family to follow with the new puppy. She told us about what to feed the dogs; what vitamins to use; how to train them; avoid jumping over 2 ft for almost 12 months. We were blown away. We made a decision on the spot that we would place an order for a puppy with Naddy. The only problem - Naddy only had one female, Addison, who would deliver in the Summer. She also had two others due in the fall. Unfortunately we were very low on the list because so many people wanted a dog during COVID and so many people from all over the country wanted a puppy from Naddy. Our chances for getting a puppy were slim for the November of 2020 - but probably much better in the Spring of 2021. Naddy also mentioned that she usually retires the "mom" after 2-3 litters and this was going to be Addison's 3rd litter. I casually remarked - "I would take Addison if she has not been spoken for". Naddy smiled and said that a family has been asking for her for almost 4 years. When Addison delivered in July, she didn't have a big litter so I was worried that I might not even be in line for a puppy in the Spring. I called Naddy just to inquire about where I might be on the list. She was pretty confident that I should get a puppy in November but then said - "Are you still interested in adopting Addison - the family that wanted to adopt her experienced a job loss because of COVID and can't take her." I couldn't believe my ears. I said within a nanosecond - "of course we'd take her". Naddy spent the next few weeks corresponding with us on what to expect when we adopted Addison. From what to eat, vitamins to use, what commands she followed, and how we should go about acclimating her to the new home since Addison had only known Naddy as her mom and the Ranch as her home for 5 ½ years. She even asked us to bring a bed to the Ranch so that Addison could get used to the bed and the smell of her puppies. It was a spectacular idea. Once Addison's puppies were ready for adoption and another two weeks had passed so Addison would get over the stress of being a mom, we went back again to pick up Addison. To say it was heartbreaking to Naddy would be an understatement as I saw the tears flow down her face. It was also a bit of a challenge to drive two hours back to our home - but the bed helped, the training helped, and the advice given to us by Naddy was critical. We are now almost 2 months since the adoption and we absolutely love Addison - feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to adopt her. I have stayed in contact with Naddy - asking questions and all have been answered. I've never met anyone so loving and caring for animals - and her stable of English Cream Goldens is without a doubt - the best in the state - at least in my opinion. I'm not going to criticize any other breeder - I'm just going to "shout out" the joy we've had in adopting Addison from Naddy Cato. I strongly recommend her without reservation. She is the best.

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  • I found Naddy by luck!  Another breeder I interviewed felt I would be better matched with Naddy as I explained what I was looking for in a Golden.  I wanted the "whole package" and honestly, that is hard to find, but within minutes of talking to Naddy I knew Beaver Creek Goldens had the best interest of the breed at heart and I couldn't wait to get my first puppy.  I scheduled a visit to see the home which my puppy would be coming from. To my delight Naddy whelps her litters in the house under her watchful eye.  Her puppies are socialized with all of her dogs, in the home and as a part of the family.  She also has a beautiful outdoor space with acres of fun for them to run and play.  Naddy has a quiet trust between her dogs and I am in awe at her gentle ways and impressive training.  They are so loved and that is what made the biggest impression on me as I was looking to add a puppy to our house.  She studies the lines of her breedings paying close attention to temperament, conformation, health clearances, and longevity.  I got my first, Finley, from her in 2016 and was so in love with him and her lines that I got a second, Mabel, in 2017.  They are both pure perfection and we comment daily on how much we are in love.  I have shown them both in confirmation and earned obedience titles.  They are smart, sound and beautiful dogs! 

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  • We purchased our puppy from Beaver Creek Goldens in May 2017. Tucker is the most amazing, loving dog we have every had. He is happy, healthy, well adjusted, and just loves life. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you Beaver Creek!

    - Melissa C.
  • Tucker is five now, but he was the easiest puppy to train. He’s well adjusted, happy, calm, healthy, and a perfect family dog. We just love him! Thank you, Beaver Creek Goldens!

    - Melissa C.
  • Fantastic breeder. We have a well adjusted beautiful puppy. She makes us smile every day

    - Paula D.
  • Wonderful Breeder. Naddy cares about the health and demeanor of the dogs so much. We got our babies in October 2018 and couldn’t be happier with them. They are awesome dogs, calm and loveable. They love all people and other dogs. They completed our family! 🐾💜🐾

    - Jill W.